Yumi Saotome (早乙女 優美)
Yumi Artwork

The Buddy's Little Sister
Voiced by: Kurin Yoshiki
Height: 155 cm
Birthdate/Sign: May 16th
Blood type: O
Measurements: B79-W59-H82 (2nd Year)

B81-W60-H84 (3rd Year)

Club: Basketball
Phone number: ◯◯△-☓☓◯△

Yumi Saotome (早乙女 優美 Saotome Yumi) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


Yumi is the younger sister of Yoshio, and will answer the phone before him many times when you call for information. She is one year younger than the protagonist, and will enter Kirameki Private High School during the game's second year.

Although she is not very good at cooking, she is an avid fan of professional wrestling and has perfected her "Yumi Bomber" move by practicing it on her brother.

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: Tearing around the Amusement Park entrance, Yumi trips, skins her knee, and starts wailing until you take her on the best ride at the park--on your back.
  • Summer: You tour around the pond at Kirameki Central Park in a rowboat, where Yumi confides in you her worry that everyone sees her like as a child.
  • Fall: Yumi gets REALLY into the pro wrestling match you watch at the stadium, propping one leg just a little too high up on the chairs in front of you.
  • Winter: At the ski slopes, the lift chair suddenly stops, and Yumi clings to your arm, frightened.
  • SFC: At New Year's, Yumi will come to your house and ask if you want to skip the hatsumoude and play games like Concentration.

Special EventsEdit

After witnessing you eating one of Saki's bento, Yumi asks you to taste test her bento since the rumor going around is that you'll eat any bento a girl offers to you. She wishes you wouldn't eat any but hers--until you both realize how awful it tastes.

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