Yukari Koshiki (古式 ゆかり)

The Ojousama
Voiced by: Ayako Kurosaki
Height: 157 cm
Birthdate/Sign: June 13, 1980
Blood type: B
Measurements: B80-W59-H84 (1st Year)

B81-W60-H84 (2nd Year)

B82-W60-H84 (3rd Year)

Club: Tennis
Phone number: ○○○-×△△×

Yukari Koshiki (古式 ゆかり Koshiki Yukari) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


She is a well-mannered traditional Japanese girl (the "Yamato Nadeshiko" of this series.) She enjoys knitting as a hobby, and has the habit of speaking extremely slowly. Her father is overly protective of her.

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: Taking her to the botanical gardens, Yukari points out how cute the pitcher plants are.
  • Summer: At the aquarium, Yukari is soaked through at the dolphin show while you are getting drinks. Her shirt looks a little see-through... (not as much in Densetsu no Ki no Shita de, though!)
  • Fall: If she is in Tokimeki State, Yukari asks what your favorite color is, and the two of you sit on a bench at Kirameki Central Park where she knits a sweater. You can't help but wonder who the lucky person is that she is knitting for... until later at school, when she gives it to you.
  • Winter: Clumsy as ever, Yukari takes a spill on the ski slopes when she zones out for a moment.
  • SFC: While shopping, Yukari finds a shell game with the haniwa that she likes.

Special EventsEdit

During gym class, you take Yukari to the infirmary after she is hit by a volleyball while spacing out.

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