Yuina Himoo (紐緒 結奈, Himo'o Yuina) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


Meeting Requirements: Science 60+ (85+ if you already met two characters other than Shiori Fujisaki and Yumi Saotome).

Birthday Gifts:

  • 1st Year: 6th Generation Computer Theory Book
  • 2nd Year: High-Speed Geometry Theory Book
  • 3rd Year: R20000 Chip

Yuina is a technophile who one day hopes to rule the world through the use of giant robots. She likes to bully Kyoko Izumi around, but her true archnemesis is the dreaded KOALA.

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: On a date at the zoo, Yuina is attacked by a koala.
  • Summer: Yuina bowls a perfect game--according to the scoring computer she hacked. Her actual game was definitely not that good.
  • Fall: Taking her to the medal corner at the arcade, you see Yuina racking up the jackpots... and notice a suspicious cord trailing from her sleeve into the machine she is playing.
  • Winter: The mad scientist in Yuina is laid bare, and she goes hog wild at the junk shop's big sale. The bad news is that you have to carry EVERYTHING she buys...
  • SFC: On your birthday, if Yuina is in Tokimeki State, she will drop by your house with a "present"--you get to be a guinea pig and test one of her three experimental medicines. (The good one is orange, and will raise your science stat to 999 for one week.)

Special EventsEdit

At school, you find Yuina sighing on the rooftop. She is in a slump, but you snap her out of it.

Ending RequirementsEdit

Science 120+, Trivia 100+, Appearence 60+. Also, you should aim for better grades than her.


  • Her hobbies are experimenting and researching.

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