Yoshio Saotome
Yoshio saotom

The Info Otaku
Voiced by: Yuji Ueda
Height: 167 cm
Birthdate/Sign: April 4
Blood type: B
Club: N/A
Phone number: ◯◯△-☓☓◯△

Yoshio Saotome (早乙女 好雄 Saotome Yoshio) is a character from Tokimeki Memorial. He provides you with information on the girls you can date, including their phone number (so you can call them later for a date), blood type, and various things they like earning him the nickname "Info Otaku".

You'll often see him around school and is sometimes seen with several of the girls from the game, the most common being his childhood friend Yuko Asahina. His younger sister, Yumi Saotome, arrives in Kirameki High in the second year.

Like you (the player), he's trying to win, at the end of 3rd year, the heart of one of the girls. He actually can succeed in doing so (who he wins is limited only to those you've met), but it occurs very rarely, and it happens more likely if most or all the girls you know are hating you, and seeing this event tends to mean that you'll lose. It is possible though for it to happen even if you win the heart of one of the girls, but the girl he wins won't be the girl who's reached Tokimeki state with your character (in fact the girl he wins tends to be related to the girl you win, for instance if you are going after Shiori Fujisaki, he tends to win her best friend Megumi Mikihara; but it's not always consistent, as his choices are limited to those you've met); he will never fight with you for a girl, something that can happen in Tokimeki Memorial 2.

Yoshio's phone number is one of the three phone numbers you receive at the beginning of the game. The other two are Shiori Fujisaki's and Rei Ijuin's.

Yoshio is voiced by Yuji Ueda, and is notable as being the only male from the Tokimeki Memorial series to have his own music CD release prior to Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side. Furthermore this is all the rarer since the game in which he appeared has an all-female seiyuu cast (game wise) whereas the Girl's Side games are targeted at women with all the main characters being male. One possible reason for Yoshio getting a music CD is that Yuji Ueda is a popular seiyuu having done many video game and anime roles which he still continues to do. It should also be noted that Yoshio's CD is more of an album since the CD is comprised of only songs and has quite a few songs on it whereas the Girl's Side character's CDs are more like singles since they each only contain one song accompanied with a couple of monologue and instrumental tracks.

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