"If it's about info on girls, leave it to me!"

― Yoshio Saotome, Tokimeki Memorial

Yoshio Saotome (早乙女 好雄, Saotome Yoshio) is a character from Tokimeki Memorial.


The protagonist's best friend, Yoshio provides you with information on the girls you can date, including their phone number (so you can call them later for a date), blood type, and various things they like earning him the nickname "Info Otaku". His catchphrase is "Check da, check!"

He has a friendly and easygoing personality, and is the type of person who cannot get angry for too long. He means well, and often gives advice to his friends, but will become serious when he needs to. Once he graduates, he plans to go to a third-rate university.

He's often seen around school, sometimes with several of the girls from the game, the most common being his childhood friend Yuko Asahina, whom he has known since middle school. Like most of the male students of Kirameki High School, he hates Rei Ijuuin.

His younger sister, Yumi Saotome, arrives in Kirameki High in the second year. He often teases his sister about her childish appearence and inability to cook, but genuinely worries about her, and is just embarrassed to admit it.

Yoshio's phone number is one of the three phone numbers you receive at the beginning of the game. The other two are Shiori Fujisaki's and Rei Ijuuin's.

Special EventsEdit

Yoshio may call you during Summer to invite you to the Amusement Park on a double date with two random girls.

If you decide to go alone on the school trip of the 2nd year, Yoshio will hang out with you. He will also give recommendations to you at the School Festival.

If you meet certain conditions, Yoshio will start dating one of the girls in the game. However, he will never aim for the same girl as you. For you to trigger this event, you must have met at least 8 girls (not counting Miharu Tatebayashi) by February 26th of the 3rd Year. Out of the girls you know, he will start dating the 6th girl who has the highest evaluation level with you. However, if either Shiori or Yumi are in 6th place, he will aim for the 7th girl instead.


Drama SeriesEdit

Motto! Tokimeki MemorialEdit

Beware!! Spoilers ahead!

In Episode 1, Matriculation, Yoshio advices Naoto Takami to invite Shiori to the Amusement Park, and later ends up stuck with Rei Ijuuin and Mira Kagami in the ferris wheel after a blackout occurs.

In Episode 2, Sports Festival, Yoshio joins the Baseball Club with Naoto due to receiving incorrect information that Shiori was their manager, but leaves the chore of cleaning the field to him. He later gives Naoto platinum tickets to a soccer match in exchange of him keeping the chore for six months.

In Episode 3, Summer Vacation, Yoshio goes to the pool with Naoto, and later goes to the beach with him and Yumi.

In Episode 4, School Trip, Yoshio gets sick due fear of flight, which prompts Naoto to buy him some medicine. Later Shiori asks to sit next to him at the bus, due to being annoyed at Naoto. At dinner, he switches seats with Shiori at the so that Naoto can have a chance to talk with her.

In Episode 5, Christmas, Yoshio goes shopping with Naoto for things to give at Ijuuin's christmas party bingo, and considers buying Sea-Monkeys, but is told nobody would enjoy receiving them. He later loses his way to the christmas party with Naoto, and ends up in Ijuuin's safari park. They're attacked by Rei's pet lion, and Yoshio starts believing he's bleeding, only to realize it was only fruit juice. Later, he gets excited after receiving Sea-Monkeys leftover from the bingo.

In Episode 6, Confession, he receives a phone call from Mio Kisaragi, explaining that Naoto and Shiori had a fight. He calls Naoto and tells him to apologize, but is brushed off. After spring break is over, Yoshio confronts Naoto about Shiori, and later, watches his confession to her along with everyone else.

In Episode 7, Fireworks Display, Yoshio agrees to act as one of Yukari Koshiki's bodyguards in exchange for payment. When their group splits, he starts looking for Yukari with Yuko, and later plays with Naoto, pretending to fight him in the dark.

In Episode 8, Summer Camp, Yoshio joins the soccer team with Naoto and Katsuma Serizawa.

In Episode 9, School Festival, Yoshio is the lead organizer of the haunted house their class will make for the school festival. He talks to the Legendary Tree how, thanks to it, Naoto's relationship with Shiori was improved, and is surprised to hear it talk back - only to find out it was Mio rehearsing under it. He walks her home and wishes her good luck with her school play and confession.

He borrows Romeo and Julietta from the library, and decides to read it after making a dare with Naoto that, if he could read it, Naoto would have to eat hot spring eggs with his nose. Later, he forgets his bag, and finds Mio at his class, startled by one of the props. While walking home with Mio, he encourages her by reading Romeo's lines. He later decides to spend the whole night reading the book.

Yoshio becomes enthusiastic to help Mio rehearse for her play, but claims he's only doing it because he wants to help. He eats lunch with her, and awkwardly invites her to go to the haunted house with him after the school play. Naoto and Shiori make a distraught Yoshio realize his feelings for Mio, and he nervously accepts to participate in the play with her after the actor who was going to play Romeo injured his leg.

Although nervous at first, the two manage to make the play a success, but Yoshio runs away afterwards, convinced that his confession to Mio at the play was perceived as nothing more than acting. Thanks to Naoto's encouragement, he confesses to Mio once again.

In Episode 10, Third Semester, Yoshio goes with Yumi to their first shrine visit of the year and teases her about her childish appearance, but gets hit by Nozomi Kiyokawa's snowballs. He later gets encouraged by Naoto to study more in order to get in the same university as Mio.

Yoshio becomes worried when Yumi decides to give a love letter to a boy and quarrels with her. Later, he confronts her classmate who decided to go out with her. At the end of the episode, he responds to someone calling his surname, not realizing it was an underclassman addresing his sister.

In Episode 11, Valentines, Yoshio announces Naoto is being voted as the best male student while Shiori is being voted as the best female student of Kirameki High School. He stays on Rei's side when he confronts Naoto about Shiori.

In Episode 12, Graduation, Saki Nijino mentions that Mio asked Yoshio to talk with Naoto. Later, although he was supposed take the entrance exam for his third-rate university, Yoshio decides to miss it in favor of delivering Naoto's letter to Shiori.

Upon being asked why he decided to help Naoto, Yoshio confesses he may have looked up to him due to his genuine love for Shiori. Shortly after, Saki and Mio arrive with the news he'll be given another chance to take the exam, but Mio faints due to running, which prompts Yoshio to panic.


  • Yoshio's hobby is flirting with girls.
  • He likes manga and Sea-Monkeys.
  • He has aerophobia.
  • He starts dating Mio Kisaragi in the Radio Drama.
  • Although Yoshio does not have an ending in Tokimeki Memorial, he has one in the spin-off game Tokimeki no Houkago, making him the first male character in the series to do so prior to Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side.
  • His voice actor, Yuuji Ueda, also voiced Yukinojou Sotoi in Tokimeki Memorial, and Motoharu Masaki in Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss.
    • Yoshio is notable as being the only male from the Tokimeki Memorial series to have his own music CD release prior to Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side. Furthermore this is all the rarer since the game in which he appeared has an all-female seiyuu cast (game wise) whereas the Girl's Side games are targeted at women with all the main characters being male. One possible reason for Yoshio getting a music CD is that Yuuji Ueda is a popular seiyuu having done many video game and anime roles which he still continues to do. It should also be noted that Yoshio's CD is more of an album since the CD is comprised of only songs and has quite a few songs on it whereas the Girl's Side character's CDs are more like singles since they each only contain one song accompanied with a couple of monologue and instrumental tracks.

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