Tokimeki Memorial: Densetsu no Ki no Shita de (ときめきメモリアル 伝説の樹の下で) (Tokimeki Memorial: Beneath the Tree of Legend) was released for the Super Famicom on February 9, 1996, and re-released under the "Nintendo Power" label on September 30, 1997.

The first game in the series is particularly notable for its "bomb" feature, where neglected, infrequently-dated girls would eventually become angry and gossip to their friends, severely reducing love meters across the board. In the middle of the game, when the number of known girls was high, these "bombs" became the primary concern of the player, forcing careful planning and strategies like round-robin dating. Although the feature was still present in the later games, it was considerably reduced in importance and the difficulty in avoiding it.

The initial release included a CD featuring a short radio drama ("Taste is appletarte") and a version of Futari no Toki featuring all of the girls instead of just Mami Kingetsu ("Futari no Toki ~with You~").

The Super Famicom edition is compatible with the Super Famicom mouse in addition to the regular Super Famicom controller. The regular Super Famicom controller is actually not necessary for any of the minigames, and all can be controlled entirely with the mouse. In this release, many of the features of the original game were scaled back (most notably there is no album feature or biorhythm screen, and the only voices are heard upon loading your game from the last girl you dated,) most likely due to the small amount of storage available on the cartridge and the reduced capabilities of the Super Famicom console compared to the CD-ROM format of other releases (except for the Pocket editions). New minigames were also added as date events with the girls, but several others were removed. New class trip destinations of China and Australia replace the destinations from the "Forever With You" releases as well, featuring encounters with a Rogue Panda and Wild Alligator. Additionally, the computer club was cut from the game (Yuina will automatically be a member of the science club every play), and the girls do not wear party dresses (they will wear their casual winter clothing to Rei's Christmas party).


  • Ending confessions from completed characters. (14 total).


Sports FestivalEdit

  • 100-Meter Dash
  • 3-Legged Race
  • Ball Basket Toss
  • Giant Ball Relay

Girls' Unique EventsEdit

  • Shiori: Unknown
  • Mio: Love compatibility machine on a Shopping date (any shop)
  • Yuina: Drink a potion for your birthday
  • Ayako: Unknown
  • Saki: Roulette game on a Shopping date (any shop)
  • Nozomi: Unknown
  • Yukari: Haniwa shell game on a Shopping date (any shop)
  • Mira: Unknown
  • Yuko: Unknown
  • Megumi: Unknown
  • Yumi: Concentration card game during New Year's (skips the hatsumoude event)
  • Rei: Unknown if it exists as you cannot date her.
  • Miharu: Unknown if it exists as you cannot date her.
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