Takumi Sakaki (坂城 匠, Sakaki Takumi) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series. He makes his debut in Tokimeki Memorial 2. He, along with Jun'ichirou Hokari, serve as the Protagonist's best friends and rivals.


Takumi is the info man of Tokimeki Memorial 2, similar to Yoshio Saotome, and provides the information on the dateable girls. Addionately, the player first hears about Hibikino's Legendary Bell from him. However, Takumi will fall in love with a random girl around the second year, and will become a rival to the protagonist if he is pursuing the same girl. The girl he falls in love with is determined by random factors.

Takumi and Jun'ichirou have a CG during the Culture Festival of the third year, where the female leading actress gets sick, and Takumi takes her place.

He has a friendly, cheeky yet cunning personality and likes teasing his friends.


Takumi has two bad endings.

In his first one, he confesses to the protagonist while dressed in the female uniform, and "reveals" he is a girl but was raised as boy, a reference to a certain character from the previous game. The protagonist reciprocates Takumi's feelings, much to his horror, but wakes up. At the day of the graduation, Takumi asks why the protagonist's face is red and if he has a cold before leaving. After that, the bad ending screen plays.

In his second one, the player must keep hindering Takumi's and Jun's attempts to date their love interests, and avoid having any girls in Tokimeki State. The three go to a karaoke and sing a vocal version of the bad ending music, titled "Himawari".


  • His hobby is collecting information on girls.
  • His favorite things are wrist watches and cream soda. He dislikes wasting time.
  • His character theme is titled "Nanigeni Love After". He also has a character song titled "Fake", and sings a vocal version of the bad ending music along with Jun, titled "Himawari".
  • Takumi and Jun have known each other since middle school.


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