Saki Nijino (虹野 沙希)

The Cheerful Manager
Voiced by: Sachiko Sugawara
Height: 160 cm
Birthdate/Sign: January 13, 1980 (Aries)
Blood type: A
Measurements: B81-W59-H82
(1st Year)
(2nd Year)
(3rd Year)
Club: Baseball (manager), Soccer (manager)
Phone number: △☓◯-△△☓☓ (PS)

Saki Nijino (虹野 沙希 Nijino Saki) is one of the central heroines in the Tokimeki Memorial series, and in Japan was second only to Shiori Fujisaki in terms of popularity.


Saki is a big fan of baseball and soccer, and even serves as the manager of the soccer team at Kirameki High (later installments from the franchise seem to skew her interests exclusively toward soccer). She's more of a cheerleader than a sports player, though, and is often seen raising morale for the team she coaches. Thus, her type of boys are those who are strong-willed, and perserverant in everything they're doing.

She also loves to cook and is very talented at it, and if you (the player) are friendly towards Saki, she'll even make you a bentō (boxed lunch). She'll enter a professional college of cooking after graduation.

Mio Kisaragi and she are best friends.

To win Saki, you (the player) must have decent all-around stats, as well as get her into the blushing stage, the highest amount of affection a girl can have towards you. As for dating spots, she's very versatile : unlike most of the girls of the game, there's no real date spot she hates ; however, she tends to like sports-themed places the most. It also helps if you join the sports club she's part of.

She's probably one of the easiest girls of the game to win the heart of (she doesn't demand high stats -100 to 120 pts all-around are enough-, and getting her to blushing stage is an easy task).

Saki was the first Tokimeki Memorial character to star in her own spinoff Drama game Nijiiro no Seishun (a testament to her popularity). She also made a cameo appearance in the Tokimeki Memorial 2 Drama game Leaping School Festival, where her team comes to Hibikino High to face them in soccer.

Her spiritual successor in Tokimeki Memorial 2 is often said to be Kaedeko Sakura, though she's much shyer than Saki, and her sports interests mainly revolve around baseball.

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: Saki brings a picnic for both of you to have on the lawn at Kirameki Central Park.
  • Summer: If she is in Tokimeki State, Saki nearly drowns at the swimming pool, but comes to just as you were about to administer rescue breathing... cursing her bad timing.
  • Fall: Saki cheers very enthusiastically at a baseball game.
  • Winter: A lost child clings to Saki at the fancy shop and refuses to leave her, forcing you to go to the lost child station to call for his mother.
  • SFC: While shopping, Saki finds a prize roulette for you to give a spin.

Special EventsEdit

At lunch, Saki asks you to taste test her new bento recipe before she starts making them for her club. She later asks you to try it again after she's made a few changes. The first bento event is actually necessary to trigger Yumi's bento event.

Game AppearancesEdit

Other Game AppearancesEdit


  • Saki is one of 6 girls from Tokimeki Memorial to get her own CD. In fact, she has two; Over the Rainbow, released in 1997, and Niji no Lithograph, released in 1998. Her seiyuu, Sugawara Sachiko, also released an album called Sati's-faction, released in 1998, which is mainly comprised of Tokimeki Memorial songs.


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