Rui Nanakawa (七河 瑠依, Nanakawa Rui) is a secret dateable character in Tokimeki Memorial 4.


A student of Hibikino Private High School, Rui is Tadashi Nanakawa's older twin sister, and sometimes switches places with him and infiltrates Kirameki Private High School, similar to Miho and Maho Shirayuki from Tokimeki Memorial 2. Although she and her brother are noticeably different in height and physique, nobody notices her disguise, except the protagonist .

Ending RequirementsEdit

Meeting Requirements: In order to meet her, you must call Tadashi 17 or more times, and she'll come to school instead of him. Every 6 calls, you'll be able to invite her out on a date.


  • Her hobbies are animes, games and music.



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