Rei Ijuin (伊集院 レイ, Ijyuin Rei) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


He is the kind of guy that girls fall over themselves to worship due to his looks, power (his grandfather is chairman of Kirameki Private High School), and money. He comes complete with a fan club.

However, he is keeping a GIANT secret that the player will discover the truth behind if he calls Rei almost every single weekend in the game.

His younger sister Mei later attends Hibikino High School in Tokimeki Memorial 2.

Special EventsEdit

Beware!! Spoilers ahead!

After a certain number of phone calls, Rei accidentally knocks you over in the hallway at school. His shocked face looks surprisingly girly and you as you note this, he runs away, embarrassed.

After more phone calls, Yoshio tells you that Rei has been kidnapped. Should you choose to do so, you can rush to the scene where the Ijuin SP have already rescued him and Rei dismisses your concern.

After another certain number of phone calls, Yoshio comes up to you in the hall and excitedly tells you that he has some BIG news about Rei. Before he can tell you what it is, though, he is knocked out by Rei's SP and remembers nothing after he regains consciousness.

Ending RequirementsEdit

Call Rei 70 or more times.

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  • His hobby is collecting jewelry.
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