Nozomi Kiyokawa (清川 望, Kiyokawa Nozomi) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


Meeting Requirements: Exercise and Guts 31+ (71+ if you already met two characters other than Shiori Fujisaki and Yumi Saotome).

Birthday Gifts:

  • 1st Year: Bouquet
  • 2nd Year: Ribbon
  • 3rd Year: Skirt

Nozomi is a very tomboyish girl who loves swimming. However, she also enjoys more girly pleasures like flowers and ribbons, but is usually too embarrassed to show her feminine side.

Nozomi also has the distinction of being one of the only two characters in Tokimeki Memorial to feature an alternate ending. If you pursue her a second time, she will grow her hair out for the second ending scene.

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: At the art museum, Nozomi accidentally breaks off a hand in the sculpture exhibit. The two of you bolt outside, but she insists on going back in to apologize herself, so the two of you apologize together.
  • Summer: The pair of you swim out to an island off of the beach, but a sudden thunderstorm erupts, driving Nozomi into your arms.
  • Fall: Nozomi's love for flowers bursts out at the botanical gardens, and she tells you all about one of the specimens there.
  • Winter: A mishap occurs at the bowling alley, where Nozomi's hand slips... and you get clocked in the face with a bowling ball.

Special EventsEdit

In the hallway between classes, you find Nozomi carrying a massive stack of teaching materials piled on her at the staff office. You insist on carrying half for her since she is a girl... which makes her blush a bit.

Ending RequirementsEdit

Exercise 120+, Guts 70+, Appearence 100+.


  • Her hobby is jogging.

Game AppearancesEdit

Other Game Appearances Edit

  • Quiz Magic Academy II (Arcade)

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