Natsue Marikawa (鞠川 奈津江, Marikawa Natsue) is a character from the Tokimeki Memorial Drama CD.


Natsue is Katsuma Serizawa's childhood friend, and Megumi Juuichiya's best friend. She is in the Basketball Club with Shiori Fujisaki and Yumi Saotome, and she is friends with Shiori.

Natsue has an active personality, but she also has a caring side. She is honest and is not afraid to be direct.

She stays by Katsuma's side and supports him - she constantly goes to Katsuma's room to wake him up, and secretly has feelings for him.

She carries a crystal pendant given to her and Katsuma by his parents before they died. In the last episode of the Drama CD, Natsue, unable to wait until the Graduation Ceremony, confessed to Katsuma under the Legendary Tree during the second year. Due to the string of the crystal pendant breaking - which is said to grant a wish - they became a couple.

In the Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Stereo Drama, Natsue and Katsuma start supporting Naoto's and Shiori's relationship, as they're also childhood friends who started dating.


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