Naoto Takami (高見 公人, Takami Naoto) is the given name of the main character of the Radio Drama play, as well as the avatar of the player in the first game series. In the opening of Tokimeki Memorial, he reveals he has always had a small crush on his childhood friend Shiori Fujisaki, and studied to get into Kirameki Private High School to follow her there.

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"I'm Naoto Takami, 15 years old. Starting from this spring... Rather, starting from today, I'm a high school student."

― Naoto's very first introduction dialogue, from Episode 1, Part 1 - "Tokimeki High School Life"

Naoto's personality in the radio drama is more comical - he's awkward and very unlucky. He is earnestly in love with Shiori, but the other girls always seem to be drawn to him, and that often results in Shiori getting annoyed and leaving him behind. He's also jealous of other guys getting closer to Shiori, especially Jun Ebisutani, and tries his best to get closer to her.

Naoto is initially awkward trying to approach Shiori, and relies on his best friend Yoshio Saotome's advice, which doesn't help most of the times. A running gag is that Naoto often starts daydreaming and monologuing dialogues with Shiori. In the episode "Love Song For You" from the Monthly Tokimeki Memorial Drama CD, Yoshio ended up joining his one of his monologues and adding Mio.

Despite this, he also has a stubborn side, refusing to apologize to Shiori after a quarrel they had in episode 6, and he can also be clueless and not realize Shiori's worries. He becomes more aware of what she's feeling thanks to his friends, especially Yoshio's, intervention, and their relationship improve over time.

In episode 6, "Confession", Naoto confessed to Shiori, but asked her to watch over him and only tell him her answer at the graduation ceremony so he could have time to become a guy worthy of receiving her confession.

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