Miyako Okura (大倉 都子, Ōkura Miyako) is one of the heroines of Tokimeki Memorial 4.


Miyako is the protagonist's childhood friend and also neighbor. She is generally a cheerful, straightforward, and impatient person. She helps the protagonist with a lot of things, including waking him up in the morning, bringing him monthly allowance, and giving him information about other girls in Kirameki high school. Miyako always carries with her a bunny doll that she and the protagonist made when they were young. The bunny's appearance is a cameo of the reccurring Silent Hill object known as Robbie the Rabbit, subtly foreshadowing Miyako's hidden nature with a company in-joke.

At the beginning of the game, Miyako's roles are more like protagonist's male friends in previous Tokimeki Memorial games. Player can ask her girls' profile and their feelings towards the player just. She is initially not datable. However, if the player asks her out for a certain number of times, she will eventually agree to date the protagonist.

Once the player starts dating Miyako, a series of events will lead her to misunderstand that the protagonist does not really care for her. As a result, she suffers psychosis and her personalities totally change. She becomes quiet, starts to dress in black, and always talks about scary things. She no longer tells the protagonist girls' information and stops bringing him monthly allowance. She also stalks the protagonist heavily, knowing when he goes out with other girls. If the protagonist dates any girl during this period, he will have to fight the evil spirit of the bunny doll. Miyako will become normal again if the player continues dating her for a while. However, even so, the player will no longer be able to ask her about girls. Also, the player will hardly be able to go home with other girls, given that he will have to fight the bunny before he could do so. Due to all mentioned, Miyako is considered the "yandere" girl of Tokimeki Memorial 4, and probably is the first one in Tokimeki Memorial series.


  • Her hobbies are cooking and sewing.


Other Appearances Edit

  • Pro Yakyū Spirits A: Appears in the event Pro Spirits Ouen-Dan (プロスピ応援団) from June 26 to July 3.
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