Mira Kagami (鏡 魅羅, Kagami Mira) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


Meeting Requirements: Appearence 101+ (126+ if you already met two characters other than Shiori Fujisaki and Yumi Saotome).

Birthday Gifts:

  • 1st Year: Gold Hair Ornament
  • 2nd Year: Silver Ring
  • 3rd Year: Platinum Cross

Mira is the beautiful ice queen of Kirameki Private High School, complete with her own fan club of lackeys following her around. If the player can get past her cold exterior, however, he will find that she is actually a warm and caring sister to her many siblings.

She admits in her ending that she put up her uncaring front because she was spurned in junior high, and afraid to let her feelings show.

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: At the boutique, Mira will ask you which color dress she ought to try on. (For best results, she prefers the red one, followed by blue. The brown one is the worst.)
  • Summer: Mira will ask you to put suntan lotion on her back for her. Of course, she has to undo her top so you can cover every spot...
  • Fall: If she is in Tokimeki State, you can convince Mira to accompany you into the haunted house at the Amusement Park just this once... True to form, Mira is completely terrified of ghosts but refuses to admit her weakness.
  • Winter: If she is in Tokimeki State, Mira takes a spill on the ski slopes, reminding her of how the two of you met. (You knocked her down in the hallway accidentally)

Special EventsEdit

In the hallways at school, you find Mira surrounded by members of her fan club clamoring over who gets to carry her stuff for her.

Ending RequirementsEdit

Appearence 120+, Art 120+, Trivia 70+.


  • Her hobby is window shopping.

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