Mio Kisaragi (如月 未緒)
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The Bookworm
Voiced by: Akiko Sekine
Height: 156 cm
Birthdate/Sign: February 3, 1980
Blood type: A
Measurements: B80-W59-H82 (1st Year)
B80-W59-H83 (2nd Year)
B81-W60-H83 (3rd Year)
Club: Literary Club, Drama Club
Phone number: ××△-○△○×

Mio Kisaragi (如月 未緒 Kisaragi Mio) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


She always has her nose in a book and her favorite author is Goete. Her best friend is Saki Nijino.

She is also one of the only two characters in Tokimeki Memorial to feature an alternate ending. The primary difference between the endings is whether or not she chooses to switch to contacts, depending on what the player told her during her date event at the movie theater.

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: If she is in Tokimeki State during a date to the Amusement Park in year 3, you can convince Mio to ride the new scream machine, but she faints during the intense ride.
  • Summer: At the beach, you spend the time hiding from the sun together under a large beach umbrella.
  • Fall: Mio loses herself in a book at the library during your date, and cannot hear you calling her name.
  • Winter: Mio cannot keep herself from crying at the romance movie you are watching together on a date during year 3. She is not confident in how she looks without her glasses and asks your opinion. This choice determines which ending (glasses or contacts) you will get.
  • Super Famicom: While shopping, you find a love compatibility machine and give it a try.

Special EventsEdit

During school, you come across her in the hallway carrying a large stack of books and offer to help.

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Other Media AppearancesEdit

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