Mio Kisaragi (如月 未緒, Kisaragi Mio) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


Mio is a gentle and polite girl who has a weak body, and as such she's not good with sports. She always has her nose in a book, and her favorite author is Goethe. Her best friend is Saki Nijino.

She is also one of the only two characters in Tokimeki Memorial to feature an alternate ending. The primary difference between the endings is whether or not she chooses to switch to contacts, depending on what the player told her during her date event at the movie theater. After graduation, she plans to go to a first-rate university.

Meeting Requirements: Humanities 55+ (75+ if you already met two or more characters, not counting Shiori Fujisaki or Yumi Saotome). If you belong to the same club as her, you'll need 21 or more experience at club activities.

Birthday Gifts

  • 1st Year: Poems of Goethe
  • 2nd Year: Complete Works of Shakespeare
  • 3rd Year: Literary Novel

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: If she is in Tokimeki State during a date to the Amusement Park in year 3, you can convince Mio to ride the new scream machine, but she faints during the intense ride.
  • Summer: At the beach, you spend the time hiding from the sun together under a large beach umbrella.
  • Fall: Mio loses herself in a book at the library during your date, and cannot hear you calling her name.
  • Winter: Mio cannot keep herself from crying at the romance movie you are watching together on a date during year 3. She is not confident in how she looks without her glasses and asks your opinion. This choice determines which ending (glasses or contacts) you will get.
  • Super Famicom: While shopping, you find a love compatibility machine and give it a try.

Special EventsEdit

During school, you come across her in the hallway carrying a large stack of books and offer to help.

Ending RequirementsEdit

Humanities 130+, Exercise 100+ and Appearence 100+.

Motto! Tokimeki Memorial (Radio Drama)Edit

Beware!! Spoilers ahead!

Mio's first appearence in the radio drama is in Episode 2, "Athletic Festival". She accompanies Naoto and Saki to watch a soccer match at the stadium as Saki tries scouting Naoto to the Soccer Club. Later in the episode, she faints in Naoto's arms.

She returnes in Episode 6 "Confession". Due to being convinced Shiori didn't like him, Naoto gives the wristwatch he received from her at the Christmas Party to Mio. Unsure of what to do, Mio calls Yoshio, and later returns the wristwatch to Naoto. She watches Naoto's confession to Shiori with everyone else.

In Episode 9, "School Festival", Mio is rehearsing for the school play, Romeo and Julietta, that will be held at the school festival, but feels unsure about her acting. Yoshio finds her rehearsing under the Legendary Tree and walks home with her. Mio explains she was rehearsing for the play, but also waiting to confess to the person she likes, but if he appeared she wouldn't have the courage to do so. Yoshio encourages her, and Mio invites him to watch her play.

While rehearsing at the gymnasium, Jun appears and apologizes for interrupting her rehearsal, mentioning how he was going to meet someone there. Disappointed to hear he has a girlfriend, Mio wanders to Yoshio's class and gets startled by the decoration of the haunted house his class is making, but is saved by him. While walking home together, she discovers Yoshio started reading Romeo and Julietta, and confesses she joined the Drama Club in order to fix her withdrawn personality and confess to the person she likes. Yoshio encourages her and starts reading Romeo's lines, and Mio reads Julietta's lines.

The following day, Yoshio helps Mio with her rehearsals, and she prepares a lunch for both of them. After the bell rings, Yoshio awkwardly invites her to come to the haunted house after the play, and she accepts. Later, Mio finds out the person who was going to play Romeo injured his leg, and asks Yoshio to play the part instead.

After the play, Mio searches for Yoshio, and, unable to find him, waits for him at the gymnasium. Then, Yoshio quotes Romeo's lines and confesses to Mio.

She appears in the final episode, "Graduation" and, along with Saki, encourages Naoto to try and talk to Shiori in order to understand her feelings better. She later tells Yoshio that he has another chance to take the entrance exam for his third-rate university, but faints due to running which makes Yoshio panic.

She briefly appears in the Monthly Tokimeki Memorial Drama CD episodes "Love Song For You" and "After the Graduation Ceremony". In Love Song For You, Mio and Shiori watches Yoshio's and Naoto's performance as part of Miharu's and Atsushi's band. In "After the Graduation" she was present at the christmas party and later, along with everyone else, offers to help Rei study.


  • Her hobby is reading.

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