Miho Shirayuki (白雪 美帆, Shirayuki Miho) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series. She makes her debut in Tokimeki Memorial 2.

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Polite and romantic, Miho loves fairy tales and will often use them as her escape from reality when something unpleasant happens. She loves anything related to her favorite cartoon character, Kero-chan. With dreams of one day becoming a screen writer, she joined the Drama Club and actively participates on and off stage. Her interest in fortune-telling began in middle school and she is very popular among her classmates for her predictions.

Maho Shirayuki is her twin sister. Miho's best friend is Miyuki Kotobuki.

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  • Her hobbies are collecting antique dolls, reading (her picture book collection) and fortune-telling.
  • She likes cute things and goods featuring Kero-chan. She hates noisy things and gaudy things.
  • In her ending from Memories Ringing On, it is revealed Miho went to the same university as Mio Kisaragi and joined the Drama Club with her.

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