Miharu Tatebayashi (館林 見晴, Tatebayashi Miharu) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


She is often referred to as the "consolation prize" girl in the first series. She is a hidden character who cannot be scheduled for dates, although she will frequently "misdial" the player in the evenings, bump into him in the halls at school, or run into him before dates.

Special EventsEdit

In her only in-game event, known as the "222 Event", she invites the player out on a date at the end of which she tearfully gives up on him. To trigger this event, you must have no dates on February 22th of the 3rd Year and have at least one girl in Tokimeki State.

Ending RequirementsEdit

The ending requirements for Miharu are uncertain, but make sure you have no girls in Tokimeki State.

Through the game, Miharu may randomly bump into you, misdial you, or run into you during dates (claiming to have called out to the wrong person), so try seeing those events as many times as possible.

You may also see her if you choose to go alone during the school trip at the 2nd Year (hang out with Yosho), and if you choose to see the Literary Club exhibition at the Culture Festival alone (make sure you don't belong to the Literary Club).

Game AppearancesEdit

Other Game AppearancesEdit

Other Media AppearancesEdit


  • Her hobby is watching the protagonist.
    • In the Radio Drama, she says that her hobby is listening to the radio.
  • If one looks closely in the Amusement Park, one can see Miharu hiding behind a statue.
  • In the Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Radio Drama, she uses the pen name "Koala no Ribbon-chan" to send her letters to the radio show Heartful Cafe, hosted by Yurica Nagasawa.
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