Megumi Mikihara (美樹原 愛, Mikihara Megumi) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


Meeting Requirements: There's a random chance Shiori will introduce Megumi to you during the Christmas Party or Valentines Day.

Birthday Gifts:

  • 1st Year: Hasn't appeared yet.
  • 2nd Year: Stuffed Kitten
  • 3rd Year: Rabbit Gloves

Megumi is Shiori's best friend, and is a shy girl who is afraid to speak to boys. She has a soft spot for animals, and has a pet Yorkshire Terrier named Muku.

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: Megumi is nearly "kidnapped" as part of the hero stage show at the Amusement Park, until you tell the actor to back off. She worries that she was mistaken for a child, but you reassure her, telling her that she was too cute to leave alone.
  • Summer: If she is in Tokimeki State, Megumi introduces you to a family member--her dog, Muku. Muku is not so pleased to meet you, however, and bites you out of jealousy over Megumi's attentions.
  • Fall: Megumi is engrossed in watching the monkeys at the zoo and doesn't hear you when you want to look at a weird animal with her.
  • Winter: If she is in Tokimeki State, Megumi topples over at the skating rink, landing squarely against your chest. She almost doesn't want to try to stand on her own...

Special EventsEdit

A downpour occurs after school, but Megumi has forgotten her umbrella. You offer to share yours with her, and the two of you walk home together under the same umbrella if her affection is high enough. Otherwise, you simply lend her your umbrella as sharing it would be far too embarrassing for her, and she returns it the next day.

Ending RequirementsEdit

Try meeting Megumi during either the 1st Year or 2nd Year Christmas parties, because you'll have no time to raise her affection if you meet her on the 3rd Year. Although being on good terms with Shiori helps, there's also a chance she will introduce Megumi to you even if she has a low evaluation level.

Physical Condition 50+, Literature 100+, Science 100+, Art 100+, Exercise 100+, Trivia 100+, Appearence 100+, Guts 70+, Stress 30-.

Game AppearancesEdit

Other Media AppearancesEdit


  • Her hobby is collecting stuffed animals. She likes new music, and action and horror movies.
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