Megumi Juuichiya (十一夜 恵, Juuichiya Megumi) is a character from the Tokimeki Memorial Drama CD.


Megumi is Natsue Marikawa's best friend. She is a sweet girl who is obsessed with fortune-telling and supernatural phenomenons. She is a bit eccentric, and strictly follows her fortune-telling, to the point of leaving Jun Ebisutani waiting for her for hours due to bad luck.

She is very romantic, and initially tried to get Katsuma Serizawa's attention by borrowing his crystal pendant from Natsue, but that only stained his relationship with his Natsue, which made Megumi feel extremely guilty. In the first episode of the Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Stereo Drama, she confessed to Naoto Takami, claiming they were tied by destiny. Megumi also read Yoshio Saotome's fortune and told him he'd find love during the School Festival.

In episode 9, "School Festival", she's already dating Jun, but their confession scene only appeared in the Monthly Tokimeki Memorial Drama CD episode "The Last Summer Vacation".


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