Maeka Kudanshita (九段下 舞佳, Kudanshita Maeka) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series. She makes her debut in Tokimeki Memorial 2.

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Kasumi's close friend, Maeka is a cheery, hardworking girl who has a very long list of part-time jobs. Ever since she was small, she was interested in all types of work. Her working life started with a newspaper job she took up when she entered middle school. Rarely ever free, Maeka spends every second of her days working. She is very wise and experienced in many ways.

When the player meets her, besides when ordering mail, she always interrupts his dates. The date is canceled and the evaluation level with the other girl decreases.

A mysterious member of Kaoru's "Four Heaven Kings" is named Part-Time Job Banchou, and is without a doubt Maeka. She fights with yo-yos. She also appears in Akane's ending and helps hold Kaoru down.



  • Maeka's hobby is working.
  • She loves working. She hates having free time.
  • In her ending, she snaps her fingers and magically fixes Hibikino's Legendary Bell.
  • Maeka appears in the background of Rui Nanakawa's ending CG from Tokimeki Memorial 4. She is dressed like a janitor.

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