Kaori Yae (八重 花桜梨, Yae Kaori) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series. She makes her debut in Tokimeki Memorial 2.

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A quiet and sad girl with few friends, Kaori often spends her time alone on the school rooftop. When she was younger, she was a bright and cheery child who loved to play volleyball. However, a mishap in her first year of High School has traumatized her and left her afraid to associate with others for fear that they will betray and hurt her again. It is then up to the player to rescue and heal her broken heart. She is actually a year older than the player, but because of the traumatic event, she was held back one year. Her best friend is Kaedeko Sakura.

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  • Her hobby is playing in the nature.
  • She likes tropical fishes, cats, and nature. She hates dogs, insults, people who talk behind others' backs, lying and hypocrisy.
  • Kaori was voted the 2nd most popular character in Tokimeki Memorial 2, after Hikari Hinomoto. The production staff commented they didn't expect her to become so popular
  • She is the only character in Tokimeki Memorial 2 who has two BGMs. Her second BGM will start playing after one of her events, once she opens up to the protagonist and joins the Volleyball Club.
  • The number of her uniform in the Volleyball Club is "13". She seems to be right-handed.

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Other Appearances Edit

  • Quiz Magic Academy 5 (Arcade)


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