Jun'ichirou Hokari (穂刈 純一郎, Hokari Jun'ichirou), commonly referred to as simply Jun, is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series. He makes his debut in Tokimeki Memorial 2. He, along with Takumi Sakaki, serve as the Protagonist's best friends and rivals.


Unlike Takumi, Jun doesn't provide any information to the protagonist. He is a passionate man with a pure heart, a fact that was made fun of by Takumi during their introduction, as the kanji in Jun'ichirou's first name means "Pure". He becomes shy and red-faced when talking about girls.

He will become a rival to the player if he is pursuing the same girl. Jun's love interest is determined by how much affection she has with the protagonist and if she ends up in the same class as them during the second year. It'll most likely be Kotoko Minazuki if the player isn't aiming for her.

His family runs a flower shop and he has three older sisters named Ao, Aoi and Ai.

Jun'ichirou and Takumi have a CG during the Culture Festival of the third year, where the female leading actress gets sick, and Takumi takes her place. Jun becomes noticeably uneasy after the play, reminding himself that Takumi is male.


  • The rival battle against him is considered the hardest of the game, as he has around 30000 HP and high attack and defense.
  • His hobbies are kendo and gardening.
  • His favorite things are rice and handmade things. He hates snakes and narcissists. Ironically, his best friend Takumi could be considered a narcissist.
  • His character theme is titled "Seishun Kara Hajimeyou". He also has a character song titled "Kokoro no Mama ni", and sings a vocal version of the bad ending music along with Takumi, titled "Himawari".
  • Jun and Takumi have known each other since middle school.
  • His voice actor, Kenji Nojima, also voices Kazuyuki Akagi from Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss.


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