Ayako Katagiri (片桐 彩子, Katagiri Ayako) is a character in the Tokimeki Memorial series.


Meeting Requirements: Art 50+ (65+ if you already met two characters other than Shiori Fujisaki and Yumi Saotome.)

Birthday Gifts:

  • 1st Year: Very Dubious Book
  • 2nd Year: Imported Gergi Art Book
  • 3rd Year: Smart Karaoke Set

She is very interested in the arts, primarily visual arts. She admires the work of "R. H. Gergi" (a reference to H.R. Giger) and loves to pepper her sentences with seemingly random English phrases.

Ayako does not know how to swim and even goes so far as to skip swimming lessons in gym class to avoid the embarrassment. In the Tokimeki Memorial anime, she asks Nozomi Kiyokawa to give her private swimming lessons.

She’s also the singer of the band club “Irodori”, in the second Drama Series game, Irodori no Love Song, where she’s the heroine, thanks to being one of the most popular character among fans in Tokimeki Memorial.

After she graduates, she plans on going to France to study.

Date EventsEdit

  • Spring: At the karaoke box, Ayako doesn't want to put the mic down, and treats you to a performance. The song she sings is actually one of her character singles ("Don't Carry Love Too Far").
  • Summer: On a date at the beach, Ayako pulls away from you, afraid to get into the water.
  • Fall: Ayako spends two full hours memorizing a painting at the R.H. Gergi exhibit on your date at the art museum.
  • Winter: She falls asleep on your shoulders at the planetarium. You get to choose to let Ayako sleep or wake up; if you don't wake her up, she'll mumble in her sleep she loves you.

Special EventsEdit

During school you find Ayako hiding around the corner of the school building skipping swimming class. (This event reportedly never happens due to a bug in Forever with You.  The event actually will occur in Densetsu no Ki no Shita de).

Ending RequirementsEdit

Physical Condition 50+, Literature 60+, Science 60+, Art 120+, Exercise 60+, Trivia 90+, Appearence 100+, Guts 20+, Stress 50-.


  • Her hobbies are painting and karaoke.
  • Konami organized a character poll on the famous magazine Famitsu, in which the readers would decide which character will become the heroine of the second Drama Series game, Irodori no Love Song. Despite the poll results giving a large victory to Miharu Tatebayashi, for various reasons the producers decided to go with the poll runner-up, Ayako.

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